Research and Excellence

The Faculty is committed to promoting research and excellence and allocates financial support for this purpose. Applications are not limited to certain topics or projects, but explicitly have to serve the purpose of promoting third-party-funded activities, visibility, publication efforts or excellence within the key research areas of the Faculty. In individual cases, funding may be provided for other projects if sufficiently justified. In particular the Faculty encourages tho apply for projects that support links within these fields or between the key research areas.

Financial support may, for instance, be granted for the organisation of a workshop/conference at the University of Vienna or the invitation of a guest researcher for the purpose of promptly (and verifiably) completing a research application. Financial assistance in activities within the framework of cooperation agreements between the Faculty and foreign institutions (‘faculty agreements’) is possible to a limited extent.

Travel expenses attributable to personal travels, expenses for infrastructure or repairs are not eligible for financial support as these are already supported through other faculty measures.

Researchers who are permanently employed by the Faculty and scientists on tenure track and senior lecturers are eligible to submit one application per calender year in consultation with the head of the subunit. There is no predefined financial framework; however, the financial resources available and the possibility for all faculty members to submit an application are taken into consideration. As a general rule, only part of the expenses is covered (in the form of grants) and particular emphasis is placed on the share to be contributed by the individual researchers themselves

Please send your informal application including a statement of reasons exclusively by e-mail to at least two weeks before the start of the planned project. When non-permanently employed scientists apply, their remaining contract period has to run for at least another twelve months. Moreover, he/she must be able to complete the project by the end of their contract period at the latest.

Invoicing of the applicant’s expenditures for the approved project is done via the subunit in a timely fashion (covering the calendar year). The subunit finances the share of funding approved by the head of the Faculty in advance. Of the expenses actually incurred, the Dean’s Office will refund up to the (maximum) agreed amount of funding to the global budget cost centre of the subunit following the submission of a half-year report. 

If any additional costs incurred are invoiced via other sources (e.g. via third-party funded projects), the applicant has to notify this source in an informal manner that s/he was granted funding through the programme for promotion of research and excellence of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy and how much funding s/he received.