Women in Science

The aim is to improve the career progression of female postdoc researchers. For this purpose, the Faculty supports projects that meet the following three criteria:

  1. promotion of excellence;
  2. promotion of career progression and scientific development by focusing on independence and quality of research and teaching;
  3. promotion of remaining in science.

This includes visits to other institutions, participation in special further training or distinguished workshops but in general no conferences or congresses, since those are adressed by the support programm "Early- Stage Researchers". Women researchers holding a doctoral degree or a PhD who are temporarily employed by the Faculty (regardless of whether they are university-based or project-based staff) may apply up to twice a  year for financial assistance of in total up to EUR 2,000 per calendar year; partial funding is also possible. Proposals requesting less than EUR 200 cannot be taken into consideration due to administrative effort. If the applicant is not employed by the Faculty in a postdoc position for the entire calendar year, or is she on leave the amount will be calculated proportionately.

Financial assistance extends exclusively to the reimbursement of documented, eligible expenses; flat rates cannot be taken into consideration. Expenses for food, for instance, are not eligible (exemptions: overnight stays including breakfast, conference dinners for networking purposes). When the application is submitted, the remaining contract period of the applicant has to run for at least another six months. Moreover, they must be able to complete the project by the end of their contract period at the latest.

Interested women researchers can send their informal application, which describes the project on one page, states the funding needs and gives the reasons, why points 1) to 3) apply, exclusively by e-mail to dekan.fgga@univie.ac.at at least two weeks before the start of the planned project.

Invoicing of the applicant’s expenditures for the approved project is done via the subunit in a timely fashion (covering the calendar year). The subunit finances the share of funding approved by the head of the Faculty in advance. Of the expenses actually incurred, the Dean’s Office will refund up to the (maximum) agreed amount of funding to the global budget cost centre of the subunit following the submission of a half-year report. 

If any additional or costs incurred are invoiced via other sources (e.g. via third-party funded projects), the applicant has to notify this source in an informal manner that she was granted funding through the Women in Science programme of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy and how much funding she received.