Open Calls

Searching for a funding programme that fits to you and your research idea can be tedious work. Therefore have a look on our selection of open calls. The list is strictly sorted by deadline and the calls' target group can be seen at first glance. This selection covers only project calls relevant for scientists of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy. And if anything is missing, we are grateful for your suggestion.

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Deadline: 22 Mar 2018 (12 Uhr)

Für Projekte der Grundlagenforschung in CO2-relevanten Bereichen.


Deadline: 28 Mar 2018 (12:00)

Für Projekte zur Sicherheitsbewertung von synthetischen Nanomaterialien (max. 90.000 Euro).


Deadline: 31 Mar 2018

For incoming researchers from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam.



Deadline: 31 Mar 2018

Für hervorragende Forscher/innen bzw. Volksbildner/innen, die in Wien beheimatet bzw. in Wien tätig sind.


Deadline: 1 Apr 2018

For incoming researchers from China or Mongolia.



Deadline: 3 Apr 2018

Für Forschungsprojekte mit "Verwertungspotenzial" (Finanzielle Beteiligung Wirtschaftspartner notwendig)

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Project proposal planned?

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