Equipment Portfolio

The Faculty’s equipment portfolio presents the devices from the eight departments and from various fields of scientific analysis (> 20,000 EUR). The devices are not only accessible for all faculty members, but are also open for cooperation and utilization outside the Faculty. For your device search, please use the filter function. For further information on terms of use, please get in touch with the respective contact person.

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3D-Digital microscope

KEYENCE 3D Digital VHX-600 microscopew ith 54 million pixels, transmitted light setup, capturing moving and stationary images, 20-1000x magnification,...


Anoxic Chamber

Coy Anaerobic Airlock Chamber Type A, Confined volume with nitrogen hydrogen atmosphere

Sample preparation, Working under defined conditions

Atomic absorption spectrometer

Perkin Elmer PinAAcle 900T atomic absorption spectrometer

Spectrometry / Spectroscopy


All terrain vehicle/Quad, Explorer Terralander 800 Efi. Jetfactory additional with trailer

Field devices

Automatic instrument device lift

METLIFT, automatic adaptation of meteorological instruments according to snow height

Field devices

Autosampler for gas chromotography analysis

CTC Analytics CombiPAL mit ITEX-2 - Headspace Analysis

Sample preparation

Binocular rangefinder

Vector IV SR1 Fa. Vectronix, A binocular rangefinder with an integrated 3-dimensional, 360 degree digital compass and a class one (eye-safe) laser...

Field devices

Buffing machine

Fa. Struers CP50, grinding- and polishing device for thick and thin sections. Siutable for chemical polishing

Sample preparation

Carbon analysator

Leco RC612, Multi-phase Carbon and Water Determination

Soil properties analysis

Cathode Luminescence Microscope

Lumic HC5-LM Cathode Luminescence Microscope

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