People moving. Photo: © Brian Merrill on Pixabay

Mobility at the "Faculty of Exploration"

The Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy actively promotes the mobility of students as well as of research, teaching and administrative staff and looks forward to welcoming visiting colleagues.

Student Mobility

Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes: Students of our Faculty are invited to explore our partner universities abroad, while students from other countries are very welcome to visit the "Faculty for Exploration" in Vienna! Find out more about our partner universities, mobility coordinators and joint programmes.

Mobility for Researchers & Doctoral Candidates

Researchers of our Faculty (including doctoral candidates and prae docs) have the opportunity to spend some time abroad, while academics of partner universities of the University of Vienna can take advantage of a mobility programme or network to come to Vienna.

Tamara Dordevic and Todor Serafimovski. Photo: © University of Vienna/Tamara Dordevic(C) Universität Wien/Tamara Dordevic

Hyperglobus at the Department of Geography and Regional Research Photo: © University of Vienna/Franz Pflügl

Mobility for Teaching Staff

Lecturers and professors can benefit from mobility programmes, such as Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility or CEEPUS Teaching Mobility, to gain experience at a partner university abroad. On the other hand, colleagues from partner universities can take advantage of a mobility programme to come to Vienna.

Mobility for Administrative Staff

Administrative staff can complete a stay abroad as part of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme, which aims to promote professional development, networking and the exchange with international colleagues. The University of Vienna also hosts an International Staff Training Week every two years.

University staff members © International Office Universität Wien