[CALL] Vienna Business Agency - From Science to Products


Deadline: 11 Sep 2019

For R&D projects on product, process and service innovations.

Support for R&D projects on product, process and service innovations by Vienna Business Agency

Funding rate: small enterprises 45%, medium-sized enterprises 35%, large enterprises 25%, research institutions (as a partner) 80%, max. funding amount 500,000; female participation bonus 10,000 euros; 15% cooperation bonus; min. project value: 50.000 euros

The Call From Science to Products provides support in implementing research and development projects that lead to product, service or process innovations.

  • Who is eligible: Companies in the founding process, small, medium-sized and large companies, research institutions (as partners)
  • Eligible costs: Personnel costs, external services, investment costs, external costs for safeguarding R&D results, material costs
  • Eligibility criteria: R&D projects making direct use of and which are directly based on research results. These research results must not yet have been commercially exploited on the relevant market. The research results must also have been published in recognised specialist publications (peer-reviewed journal). This also includes patent specifications. For cooperative projects, the quotas for enterprises increase by 15 percentage points.
  • Women’s bonus: Any funded projects with proven female management will receive an additional €10,000.
  • Submission: Via an online funding application from 8 May until 11 September 2019. The funding application must be submitted before the project begins.

Applications will be evaluated by external judges. Schedule a personal consultation!