Maternity Leave Return Support

The aim is to facilitate the fast return of women in a postdoc position to research after having a child and to minimise any disadvantages women might face in their scientific careers.

Women researchers holding a doctoral degree or a PhD who are temporarily employed by the Faculty (regardless of whether they are university-based or project-based staff) may, upon return from maternity protection or maternity leave, apply once for up to EUR 7,500 for material expenses (e.g. freelance contracts, contracts for work, coaching, trainings or seminars, reimbursement of documented, eligible expenses for trips to conferences/meetings). Flat rates cannot be taken into consideration.

Expenses for food, for instance, are not eligible (exemptions: overnight stays including breakfast, conference dinners for networking purposes). At the time of their return, the remaining contract period has to run for at least another twelve months. Moreover, they must be able to complete the project by the end of their contract period at the latest.

Interested women researchers can send their informal application, including the following information, exclusively by e-mail to
a) child’s date of birth;
b) date of planned return;
c) amount and planned use of the financial support applied for;
d) statement on how the funds applied for will support the planned return to research;
e) benefit for their own career development.

The application should be submitted, if possible, at least three months prior to the planned return to work.

(see internal area / Guidelines / Richtlinie der Fakultätsleitung zu Frauenförderung…)