Currently visiting: Stefan Schneiderbauer


Stefan Schneiderbauer from Bozen is visiting professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research from October till December 2020. "Geographer with all his heart", he is fascinated by learning how people are shaping or managing their environment and how their environment shapes them. Students should "not lose sight of the big picture", he stresses in the following interview.

  • What is so fascinating about your research area?

I am a geographer with all my heart. And to this day I am fascinated by getting to know foreign cultures and by learning how the various populations manage their environment and how at the same time exactly this environment shapes the people. 

  • Which central message should your students remember?

A good knowledge of your major subject is required to deliver good quality work. But please do not lose sight of the big picture. In order to find solutions to the great challenges of our time, we need professionals who have a systemic understanding and are open to other scientific disciplines.

  • Why are you visiting our Faculty?

I was invited to lecture on the fields of my expertise in (climate) risk research and my focus on mountain studies. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in these subjects with young students in Vienna and will hopefully be able to inspire them for the challenges and perspectives that come with the work involved.

  • Which three publications characterise your work?

Schneiderbauer, S.; Baunach, D.; et al (2020): Spatial-Explicit Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments Based on Impact Chains. Findings from a Case Study in Burundi. Sustainability 2020, 12, 6354.

Schneiderbauer, S.; Calliari, E.; Eidsvig, U.; Hagenlocher, M. (2017): The most recent view of vulnerability. In: Poljanšek, K., Marin Ferrer, M., De Groeve, T., Clark, I., (Eds.). Science for disaster risk management 2017 knowing better and losing less. EUR 28034 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2017, ISBN 978-92-79-60678-6, doi:10.2788/688605, JRC102482, pp 68-82.

Kathrin Renner, Stefan Schneiderbauer, et al (2018): Spatio-temporal population modelling as improved exposure information for risk assessments tested in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, Volume 27, 2018, Pages 470-479, ISSN 2212-4209


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Stefan Schneiderbauer, Foto: (C) privat
Geographer Stefan Schneiderbauer, visiting professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research from October to December 2020. Foto: (C) privat