"Picture a Scientist": Gender and Diversity @ FGGA

Online Film Screening & Panel Discussion on 24 May 2022


The Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy in cooperation with the Doctoral School VISESS and the UNIVIE - Gender Equality and Diversity Unit warmly invites all interested faculty members and alumni*ae to discuss the topic of Gender and Diversity at our Faculty: Watch the documentary “Picture a Scientist” online and join us for a panel discussion on 24 May 2022!

  • Online film screening: 10 – 31 May 2022 (via individual Vimeo-link)
  • Panel discussion “Picture a Scientist: Gender and Diversity @ FGGA" on 24 May 2022, 11:30, UZA II
    with Petra Heinz, Sylwia Bukowska, Chi Zhang, Elisabeth Aufhauser, and Christine Ackerl

“When you asked somebody to draw a scientist, it used to be all men”: The documentary “Picture a Scientist” critically analyses the many faces of “male culture” in North American (natural) sciences, persisting problems as well as positive developments, and discusses possible solutions.

  • How do the problems depicted in this documentary relate to the situation at our Faculty? Which problems do female scientists and members of minorities face at FGGA?
  • How to address these problems on different scales? Which solutions have already been implemented successfully? What did not work out?
  • Which alternative ways could you imagine? What are the major difficulties to be encountered?

Discuss these and other questions with interested members of our Faculty and the UNIVIE - Gender Equality and Diversity Unit!

Online film screening "Picture a Scientist"

Online film screening: 10 – 31 May 2022

Information about the documentary “Picture a Scientist”: Picture a Scientist - Mindjazz Pictures

Please register online till 29 May 2022 to get an individual Vimeo-link for the documentary “Picture a Scientist”!

Panel Discussion “Picture a Scientist”: Gender and Diversity @ FGGA

24 May 2022, 11:30-13:00, Lecture Room 2, UZA II
Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2, 1090 Vienna
  • Christine Ackerl, Doctoral candidate at the Doctoral School “Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences“ (VISESS), branch Cosmos
  • Elisabeth Aufhauser, Vice-Director of Studies & Senior Researcher at the Department of Geography and Regional Research, Co-Founder of the Network nowaGEA (Network of Women in Academia at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy)
  • Sylwia Bukowska, Head of Gender Equality and Diversity Unit, University of Vienna
  • Petra Heinz, Dean Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy, Professor for Palaeoecosystems, Department of Palaeontology
  • Chi Zhang, Tenure Track professor for Environmental Geophysics, Department of Meteorology and Geophysics

Moderator: Anahí Caldu Primo, Science Communication, Department of Astrophysics

Please register online till 22 May 2022 to attend the panel discussion!

We look forward to welcoming you!

For further information, please contact:
Heidemarie Weinhäupl (dekanat.fgga@univie.ac.at - 4277-53007)