[CALL] S&T Cooperation (WTZ): Multilateral Danube Region


Deadline: 20 Sep 2019

For a small research project (max. 16.000 EUR) with partners from Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, France (min. 3 countries).

Multilateral Call for Applications of Joint Projects 2020-2021

The overall aim of this call is to support project cooperation among the following participating countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic and Republic of France.

Aims of the Call

- To contribute to scientific advancement in the abovementioned countries by funding researchers’ mobility in the frame of joint research projects;
- To contribute to research capacity development in the region;
- To support the advancement of cross-border research cooperation;
- To provide an opportunity for young/female researchers (as applicable) in the abovementioned countries to cooperate in an international setting and to develop their scientific careers;
- To facilitate the joint participation in European research projects.