[CALL] Vienna Business Agency - R&D Communication


Deadline: ongoing

For communication on R&D (max. 50.000 Euro or 75 % of costs)

Time frame to submit applications: 2018/01/01 to 2022/12/31

Next deadline: 2019/09/30
more: 2019/12/31

The R&D_Communication funding programme is aimed at supporting the communication of new technology or research services to the public.

  • Who is eligible: Viennese companies as well as research and educational institutions
  • Eligible costs: Internal personnel costs, purchased services, travel costs, material costs
  • Eligibility criteria: Additionality, sustainability, innovation and scope of planned measures, attainment of broader social classes
  • Submission: Continuously with the online funding application. The funding application must be submitted before the project begins. The evaluation of applications is carried out by experts from the Vienna Business Agency and external jury members.