Field trip Adria. Photo: Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna




Katja Fahrion will join the UNIVIE Department of Astrophysics as one of 14 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellows coming to the University of...


From March to April 2023, David K. Watkins is at the Department of Geology as visiting professor. He will share his expertise in nannofossils and...


During the summer term 2023, Sandra Guinand is back at the Department of Geography and Regional Research as visiting professor. Her research focuses...

 International Activities at the "Faculty for Exploration"

The Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy – the "Faculty for Exploration" – maintains a strong international network in research, teaching and studying.

Mobility – Incomings and Outgoings

Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes: Students, researchers/teachers and university staff members are welcome to visit the "Faculty for Exploration" in Vienna or our partner universities all over the world. Find information about partner universities and our mobility coordinators.

VISESS Doctoral School

The Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences (VISESS) addresses the grand challenges humanity is facing, such as resource depletion, climate change, and insecurity about future energy supply, through inter- and trans-disciplinary academic research.

Visiting Professors & Ida Pfeiffer Professorship

We are pleased to welcome numerous international visiting professors and guest researchers at our departments every year. In addition, we have created the Ida Pfeiffer Professorship to bring new ideas and top scientists to Vienna for one semester.

Faculty Agreements

In addition to participating in international cooperation networks such as Erasmus+, CEEPUS or Eurasia-Pacific UNINET, we support some of our international partner universities with specific faculty agreements.