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Exploration auf Li-Pegmatite: Projektentwicklung am Beispiel Weinebene

Vortrag Thomas Unterweissacher

Do, 26.01.2023, 17:00, UZA II

Climate research and science integration across NASA

ÖAW Commission for Geosciences

Wed., 15.02.2023, 17:00, ÖAW

Vienna Urban Carbon Laboratory

Lecture Andreas Luther and Bradley Matthews

Tue, 07.03.2023, 16:30, UZA II & online

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Fishes living in the twilight zone of the oceans reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and are a huge food resource, but little is known about their...


Scientists of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the University of Vienna studied an exceptionally large flower inclusion, almost measuring 3 cm...


The University of Vienna, the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy and the Department of Palaeontology mourn the loss of one of...


What happened after the Big Bang? Astrophysicist Oliver Hahn is tracing our universe's early development by using supercomputers and clever...


In order to increase the number of degree programmes in which students take a certain number of exams , several initiatives have been taken at our...


Transport of air mass from the Pacific Ocean explains weather conditions associated with El Niño in North America, South America and Australia -...


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