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All information regarding the procedures and handlings in terms of the coronavirus are provided on the webpage of the University of Vienna.


Astronomers of the University of Vienna and Harvard University have discovered a monolithic, wave-shaped gaseous structure – the largest ever seen in...


Geologist Gabor Ujvari works as a Senior Postdoc and Lise Meitner Research Fellow at the Department of Lithospheric Research of the University of...


An international team, also involved Christian Köberl, shows that the archaeon Metallosphaera sedula can uptake and process extraterrestrial material....


An international research team led by Giuseppe Marramà from the Institute of Paleontology of the University of Vienna discovered a new and...


Research in really great depth: Geophysicist Irene Bianchi focuses on the deep Earth and especially on the dynamics of the shallowest layers of the...


Image brochure "Meet the Faculty for Exploration"

The Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy published for the first time in 2016 a brochure presenting the Faculty's research activities and study programmes (in English). We kindly invite you to meet the "Faculty for Exploration"! Direct access to our research articles:

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