Our Faculty has excellent analytical and experimental infrastructure facilities that are jointly operated and used. They are available to all members of the faculty as well as to researchers and cooperation partners outside the Faculty under uniformly specified conditions.

You can use our "Equipment Portfolio" to browse our faculty’s infrastructure using a range of search criteria. This way, you can quickly find the analytics that best meet your needs. For every device, contact details of the responsible person are listed. Please refer to the relevant contact person if you require further information or if you want to use a device.

To ensure better visibility and more efficient use, large-scale facilities are pooled in "Special Focus Facilities". The contact persons are responsible for answering any scientific or metrological questions.

Furthermore, the new Core Facility "Long Term Wetland Ecosystem Research" (LTWER) at the Department of Geography and Regional Research was officially opened in October 2020.

For general questions regarding the faculty’s infrastructure, please contact the Dean's Office.