Lange Nacht der Forschung

Mitmachen auf der Sternwarte - VISESS am Campus

Fr, 20.05.2022, 17-23:00 Uhr

Astrophysik / VISESS

Sternwarte / Campus

"Picture a Scientist": Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Gender and Diversity @ FGGA

Panel: 24.05.2022, 11:30



Urban Book Series: How Spaces Become Places

Lecture by John Forester

Wed, 25.05.2022, 17:00-18:30

Urban Futures Research Platform

Venue: Online

 News & Views

Research (EN)

From embryo to turtle cracker: a team led by palaeobiologist Julia Türtscher from the University of Vienna studied the multiple changes in tooth shape...

International (EN)

Reconstructing environments of the past is "like a Sherlock Holmes riddle", says Theresa Nohl, who is currently visiting professor at our Faculty. In...

Research (EN)

Since Jocelyn Bell Burnell started studying Physics in the University of Glasgow in 1961, she knew being a woman in science was not going to be easy....


"Picture a Scientist": Gender and Diversity @ FGGA - Register now for the Online Screening of the documentary and the Panel Discussion on 24 May 2022!

Forschung (DE)

In his Lise Meitner project, Federico Casetta from the Department of Lithospheric Research at the University of Vienna investigates fragments of...

International (DE)

Im Laufe des kommenden Jahres werden 18 Fellows aus 16 Ländern an die Universität kommen - darunter Iris Breda, welche die Gruppe um Glenn van de Ven...


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