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The Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy is one of the most diverse faculties at the University of Vienna, covering not only all aspects of space and geosciences but also all aspects of interactions between our Earth’s environment and humans. The Faculty hosts more than 3,000 students. If you are interested in our research areas and want to benefit from our wide range of degree programmes, you should definitely join us.

 News & Views

International (EN)

From April till July 2021, Sabine Henry is visiting professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research. For more than twenty years, the...

Visiting [EN]

The Faculty welcomes Eric Gaidos (astronomer and geobiologist) and Stephen Mojzsis (geologist and geoastrophysicist) as Ida Pfeiffer professors in the...

Research (EN)

The faculty mourns the death of the mineralogist and crystallographer Ekkehart Tillmanns, who passed away unexpectedly at the end of December. Our...

Research (EN)

In her PhD thesis Tadeja Veršič from the Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences (VISESS) aims to unravel the mystery of dark matter....

Study (EN)

This interdisciplinary lecture series within the SPL29 Geography will investigate climate change and discuss concepts and perspectives for the future....

Study (EN)

The Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences is currently announcing more than 30 PhD projects. Interested students are invited to...


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VISESS Doctoral School

The Vienna International School of Earth and Space Sciences (VISESS) at our Faculty addresses the grand challenges humanity is facing - such as climate change and resource depletion - through inter- and trans-disciplinary academic research.