Equipment Portfolio

Our Equipment Portfolio allows you to browse scientific and experimental infrastructure of our faculty using a range of search criteria. Of course, our devices are not only available to faculty members, but also to researchers outside the faculty or university in the framework of a research cooperation. For every device, a contact person can provide advice on measurements.

Faculty members are only charged for the operating costs as well as for the proportional regular maintenance costs. People outside the faculty who use our equipment are additionally charged for the proportional repair costs incurred. Outside of the university, depreciation is included in the proportional total costs.

Please refer to the relevant contact person if you require further information or if you want to use a device. For general questions regarding the faculty’s infrastructure, please refer to the Vice Dean for infrastructure.

All our large-scale facilities are listed at the webpage of BMBWF (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research) under Research Infra­structures in Austria.


Information about the search function
You can either search all entries for a particular term (e.g. name of the devices; contact person...), or use the filter to display all devices of a certain category. Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine these two search methods. If you want to change your selected category after conducting your search, you first have to select [All categories].

For a list of all devices at an institute/department, enter a core term of the English institute name (e.g. mineralogy) in the search field.

3D Recon Lab

Two Dell PC Precision Tower; Amira with Ximage PAQ Extension; Two PC monitors


3D-Digital microscope

KEYENCE 3D Digital VHX-600 microscopew ith 54 million pixels, transmitted light setup, capturing moving and stationary images, 20-1000x magnification,...


3D-Digital microscope

SteREO Zeiss Discovery V. 20: 20:1 zoom; max. resolution up to 1000 LP/mm with PlanApo S 2.3x objectives; cold light & LED


Anoxic Chamber

Coy Anaerobic Airlock Chamber Type A, Confined volume with nitrogen hydrogen atmosphere

Sample preparation, Working under defined conditions

Atomic absorption spectrometer

Perkin Elmer PinAAcle 900T atomic absorption spectrometer

Spectrometry / Spectroscopy


All terrain vehicle/Quad, Explorer Terralander 800 Efi. Jetfactory additional with trailer

Field devices

Automatic instrument device lift

METLIFT, automatic adaptation of meteorological instruments according to snow height

Field devices

Automatic Sputter Coater

Advanced sputter coater automatically controlled; Digital programmer; sputtering currents up to 40mA

Sample preparation

Autosampler for gas chromotography analysis

CTC Analytics CombiPAL mit ITEX-2 - Headspace Analysis

Sample preparation

Avionics Lab

LEON Development Boards (GR712RC-LEON3 and GR-CPCI-GR740-LEON4FT) controlled from rack-mounted PCs including GRMON2 debugger, APE-1553 Milbus and...

Observational astronomy