[CALL] Weave call (Austria-Slovenia)


Deadline: 30 Nov 2021 (if ARRS acts as lead agency)

For bilateral/trilateral joint projects with/incl. Slovenia (FWF-ARRS).

Weave is a bottom-up, cross-European initiative developed by European research funders to support excellent collaborative research projects across borders.

It aims to simplify the submission and selection procedures of collaborative research proposals that involve researchers from up to three European countries or regions. It does this by making proposals go through a single evaluation procedure.

+++ Call opens in November +++

For joint research with Slovenian research institutions there are two possibilties to submit joint proposals: 

1) under the on-going Weave call, if FWF is acting as the lead agency, or

2) under the ARRS call (deadlines!), if ARRS is acting as the lead agency.

(Co-)Applicants can freely chose the lead agency.