Enrolled students on average from winter semester 2020/21 to winter semester 2022/23, rounded numbers:


  • 630 bachelor in Astronomy
  • 85 master in Astronomy
  • 25 doctoral in Astronomy

Earth sciences

  • 250 bachelor in Earth Sciences
  • 195 master in Earth Sciences; Environmental Sciences (in English)
  • 65 doctoral in Earth Sciences; Environmental Sciences (in English)


  • 810 bachelor Geographie; 
  • 1610 bachelor teacher education Geography and economic education (including the phased-out diploma in teacher education Geography and Economics)
  • 510 master in Geography; Cartography and Geo-Information; Regional Research and Planning; Urban Studies (discontinued with winter term 2024/25)
  • 400 master in teacher education Geography and Economic Education
  • 50 doctoral in Geography



Meteorology & geophysics

  • 165 bachelor in Meteorology
  • 45 master in Meteorology (Physics of the Earth / Geophysics discontinued with summer term 2024)
  • 20 doctoral in Meteorology; Geophysics


4,750 students

46 % female

Note on statistics: Since a student can also pursue several studies, the total does not necessarily have to correspond to the individual lines.

Within the framework of internal university surveys, "Lehramt"-students (teacher education) are counted with the factor 0,5, because they are always studying two different teaching subjects. According to this method of counting, the total number of students is approx. 3,300 (average winter semester 2018/19 to wintersemester 2020/21).