Geography and Regional Research

The Geography STV warmly invites interested FGGA students and staff!

Mon, 4.12. - Wed, 6.12.2023, NIG

VISESS & Doctoral Studies

Bake your PhD!

VISESS Seminar Series

Tue, 12.12.2023, 14:30, UZA II

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Why emissions of some ozone-depleting substances are still increasing

Lecture Luke Western

Tue, 09.01.2024, 16:30, online only

 News & Views

Zu Gast (DE)

"Stay curious, and enjoy being surprised," is the central message Hildegard Westphal, visiting professor at the Department of Palaeontology from...

Studium (DE)

Die Studienvertretung Geographie lädt von 4. bis 6. Dezember zur Diversity Week ein - mit Workshops, Podiumsdiskussion und einem Filmscreening von...

Visiting (EN)

The essence of geology is to assemble a fascinating jigsaw-puzzle, but with a lot of puzzle pieces missing, says Andrea Mindszenty, visiting professor...

Research (EN)

A team of astrophysicists led by Núria Miret-Roig from the University of Vienna found that two methods for determining the age of stars measure...

Research (EN)

Astrophysicist Kristina Kislyakova has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for her project "Early Earth, Venus and Mars as Exoplanets"....

Visiting (EN)

During November 2023, Song Gao is visiting professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research. He is eager to explore the new advancements...


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