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Climate Walk durch Wien

Stadtspaziergang mit Yvonne Franz und Kerstin Krellenberg

Do, 08.08.2024, 16:00-18:00, Karlsplatz


The BRITE Side of Stars

Celebrating 10 scientifically successful years of BRITE-Constellation

Tue, 20.08.2024, 19:00 - Fr, 23.08.2024, 14:30, Campus UNIVIE


Baton Event 2024: Please save the date!

Staffelholzübergabe an das neue Dekaneteam

Do, 17.10.2024, 15:00, UZA II

 News & Views

Research (EN)

Newly identified fast-moving stars in the star cluster Omega Centauri provide solid evidence for a central black hole in the cluster.

Research (EN)

What is the exact nature of the kinship between sharks, rays and skates and what is their evolutionary history? Up to now, the answers researchers had...

Research (EN)

Large language models or lying language models? What does truth mean in the context of AI? Guest writer Krzysztof Janowicz, Professor of Cartography...

Study (EN)

Learning Journey: Slovenia. What role does cooperation play in urban, regional, and cross-border development? An interactive report on a 11-day...

Research (EN)

An international team of astronomers led by Cameren Swiggum and João Alves from the University of Vienna and Robert Benjamin from the University of...

Research (EN)

The Faculty cordially invites alumni and staff to our Talks & BBQ at the observatory - this time with alumni Florian Freistetter and Karin Krobath,...


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