Research Centre


CIRDIS, the university-funded “Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Documentation of Inner and South Asian Cultural History”, has been crucial in facilitating cooperation among a variety of disciplines, in particular Tibetan studies, Buddhist studies, South Asian studies, social and cultural anthropology, history of art, numismatics, philosophy, archaeology, Iranian studies, Chinese studies and geography. It aims at continuing and expanding CIRDIS by building on and improving the existing high-quality infrastructure of documentation and archiving, and by carrying out innovative research projects focused on the wider Himalayan region. 


Research Centres

Successful research platforms can be converted into research centers after completion of the maximal 6-year funding. They are established as subunits of a faculty or a centre which participates in the financing, on the basis of an international peer-review assessment. Research centres are regularly evaluated and should be financed to a significant proportion by external funding. Research centres are only established for the duration of the employment of their head.

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