Health, Safety and Security

Upon application, the Faculty provides financial support to its subunits in remedying defects

  • that, due to reasons of employee protection or safety, have been objected to in a list of measures or a similar document,
  • for which the subunit is named as responsible and
  • for which Facility and Resources Management/Health, Safety and Security does not provide (full) funding.

The amount of subsidy granted depends on the specific circumstances and has to be decided in each case individually. Generally, the subunit bears between 25 % and 50 % of the total gross costs. The amount of the funding (as a percentage of the total costs) has to be specified and briefly justified in the application. If a different funding rate is applied for, this must be specifically explained in the application. Applications for less than EUR 500 gross (share of funding from FGGA Health, Safety and Security support) will not be considered due to the administrative effort.

Informal applications with explanation must be sent by the subunit - represented by the head of the subunit or its deputy head of the subunit - via e-mail to prior to ordering the repair or replacement parts (exceptions only in case of extraordinary urgency; please state reasons separately).

Invoicing of approved applications is done via the subunit in due time (covering the calendar year). The subunit pre-finances the share of funding approved by the Management of the Faculty. Of the expenses actually incurred, the Dean’s Office will refund up to the (maximum) agreed amount of funding to the global budget cost centre of the subunit following the submission of a half-year report at the latest.

Please note that in case of doubt the German version of this directive is binding.